When It’s Time to Break Up with Your Accountant

You and your accountant have been together for years. At first, it was a dream – they saved you money on your taxes and offered expert business advice. But lately, the relationship has felt…off. Mistakes are happening and you just don’t feel like a priority anymore. Could it finally be time to break up with your accountant?

Many clients stick with an unsatisfying accountant out of loyalty or simply to avoid the hassle of finding someone new. But a bad accountant can cost you time and money. Watch for these red flags to know when it’s truly time to move on:

Missed Deadlines

If your accountant is regularly missing tax deadlines or failing to file extensions, this is a massive red flag. Scrambling to avoid penalties at the last minute is unacceptable. Taxes may not be exciting, but they are a crucial part of financial health. 


Everyone gets busy, especially during tax season. But if you find it impossible to get a response from your accountant when you have an urgent question or need – it may be time to find someone more attentive.


Mistakes happen. But if your accountant is repeatedly losing documents, submitting forms with errors, or failing to inform you about requirements, disorganization may be to blame. News flashes should not be how you find out your taxes were filed incorrectly.

Lack of Guidance

A good accountant provides proactive advice to reduce your tax burden completely legally. If you only hear from yours at tax time without any helpful planning during the year, it’s worth seeking out someone more engaged.

Feeling Unimportant

At the end of the day, you should feel like a valued client – not an annoyance. If your gut tells you that you’re the bottom priority or that your accountant does not respect your time or needs, it may be time to walk away, no matter how long you’ve been working together. 

Parting ways with an accountant can feel intimidating. But finding one who makes you feel like a true partner can reduce significant stress at tax time. Pay attention to those red flags! Your finances deserve care from someone truly in your corner.

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